GCG - Management Bios

Management Bios

D. Scott Mattson

Mr. Mattson has over 26 years Executive experience in the customer relationship management arena for large telecom providers and entertainment entities, including Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment and Turbine Entertainment. He is a recognized expert in the outsource model having integrated large CS organizations that are scalable and economical worldwide. His tenure started with Origin Systems Inc. as the Director of Player Relations for Ultima Online and moved to Electronic Arts as worldwide Director of Product Management/CRMD. Mattson was instrumental in the launch of multiple MMO titles for EA including Motor City Online, Earth and Beyond, The Sims Online, Club Pogo, and Majestic. He played a critical role with respect to the overall customer support footprint that encompassed all the MMO titles for EA. Many of the tools and processes used at EA today are a direct result of his input. Previous to Mattson's engagement at Origin/Electronic Arts he served as Director of Online Marketing and Product Development for ALDI/TeleWorth and as Director of Operator Services for Capital Network Systems in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Mattson's latest tenure was at Sony Online Entertainment as Executive Director of Global Customer Support which included contact centers in the UK, India and San Diego. At SOE he was responsible for all in-game customer support activities for EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, PlanetSide and EverQuest Online Adventures. While at SOE he oversaw the launch of EverQuest II, and the integration of The Matrix Online. Mattson provided many enhancements to the existing service when arriving at SOE including the implementation and management of the company's outsource efforts in India and the UK, direct management of the International CS integration teams and recommendation on enterprise CRM solutions in place at SOE presently.

Ultima Online: The Second Age, Ultima Online: Renaissance, Ultima Online: Third dawn, Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorns Revenge, Ultima Online: Age of Shadows, Majestic, Motor City Online, Earth and Beyond, T he Sims Online, Club Pogo, EA Sports Online (multiple titles), EverQuest II, Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Light Speed, Star Wars Galaxies: Episode III; Rage of the Wookiees, Star Wars Galaxies: Japanese Launch, EverQuest: Champions of Norrath, EverQuest: Omens, EverQuest: Gates of Discord, EverQuest: Return to Arms, The Matrix Online - CS integration efforts, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Consultant Capacity.

Luis Vera - Marketing Director
(Poway, CA.)

Mr. Luis joined Game Center Group 7 years ago as a Marketing Specialist and quickly grew within the company at the point that now holds the title of Marketing Director. His experience in the field and the role he has been doing for clients such as Atari, Evernote, Flaregames, etc. made him an excellent resource for GCG and its purposes. Also, he is a video game lover and he likes cats very much.

Alyr Alonso - e-Support Director (Poway, CA.)

Mr. Alonso joined Game Center Group 4 years ago and quickly grew within the company. His past accomplishments in business ownership, customer service and management made him an ideal fit.

Mr. Alonso currently holds the title of e-Support Director and manages the day-to-day client process internally for the company. He has a deep understanding of the client's needs and what it takes to deliver world class service in and outside of the gaming vertical. An avid board game player and video game aficionado make him a perfect fit for any process.

John Venners - Officer/Board Member (Scottsdale)

Mr. Venners has over 35 years of experience in developing and managing private and public companies. He began his business career after working at the White House Office of Emergency Preparedness during the 1973-74 national crises. Venners realized early on the importance and benefits of understanding public policy and government initiatives in developing new, early stage companies. He was co-founder of KFX, Inc. which traded on the NYSE. In addition, he teamed up with Sumitomo Corp to introduce new, innovative technologies to the North American market. Venners founded and managed numerous entities involved in international trade. He has been quoted on numerous occasions, including in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and has traveled the world extensively on behalf of his various business ventures.