Engagement - Community and Customer Moderation

Get serious about your community and your base with the recognized experts.

Let's face it, being in the game means paying attention to your base and engaging with your customers. Today's online customers are demanding more than ever. They want accurate, timely and friendly support. Game Center Group has been providing outsourced online moderation and support services for over a decade. Our experience is unmatched. Many language pairs, help desk tools, agents, we do it all.

We started in the complex online video game space and evolved to support almost every industry vertical. Healthcare, finance, banking... you name it we support it. We support your base across all online social media platforms. Ensure your hard earned reputation remains intact with professional moderation by engaging agents.


Bridge the Gap

Our agents are on call 24/7 to get your customers back in the game, back online or back on track. We are adept at technical support, account support, event and community moderation. No process is too complex, too small or too big. Let us build a process that ensures your customers get the attention they deserve. Game Center Group offers turn-key solutions or a la carte services.


Be sure to visit our helpdesk offering SupportCloud https://supportcloud.us Our hosted suite of tools includes everything you need to service customers wherever they are. Our suite includes a robust knowledgebase with answer intercept, live chat, ticketing/email, Discord bot, mobile app, telephony and more! We offer SupportCloud as a flat fee monthly, no licenses or surprises to worry about. With a 99% uptime and no hassles we can have your SupportCloud up and running in no time!

Book a demo today and let us show you why Game Center Group and SupportCloud are a winning combination!


You Build it. We test it. We support it.

Quality assurance is a big part of any product or service. We have worked on hundreds of projects and will work closely with your team to craft test plans and sandbox process to ensure you are to market, fast and ready. Functionality and regression testing is second nature to us and utilizing support agents during downtime helps keep costs in check. Let's get started.

Localization and Internationalization

Game Center Group offers localization services to help your game or service adapt to meet linguistic, cultural, legal, date format and other such requirements of a particular locale or region. We have helped many studios and publishers transition to global markets. Our experience with in-country representatives also provides our clients with invaluable internationalization ideas for design and development with minimal errors and low overhead.


Customer Support made simple, affordable and scalable.

Game Center Group improves your bottom line, while providing world class support for your customers.

Lead Capture

We offer many ways to stimulate a visitor to provide contact information, such as offering a first time buyer discount. Engage your site visitors with an active CHAT and live agents!

24/7 Customer Support

With a fully trained professional support team available on-demand, every customer issue, complaint or question gets handled efficiently and with great care. Be assured your support team has things covered. Fast, responsive agents ensure your customers are happy.

Lowers Costs

Staffing, building and training a customer support division is a very daunting and costly endeavour. Outsourcing means you can quickly scale up or down and pay for only what you use without the management nightmare.

Reputation Management

Sites like Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter are open sounding boards for the disgruntled. Get with the complaining customer directly as it unfolds and create a top social media advocate for your brand.

Increase Profit

Sending online visitors pro-active chat messages can make your visitors feel important and convert them into paying customers. Solve problems or answer questions right away. We include all management, training and quality reports at no extra charge.

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