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Frequently Asked Ouestions

What is Tier Zero?

Tier Zero is the ability for the customer to utilize your knowledgebase solution(s) to find answers to their questions on their own. Typically this is overlooked entirely or not given the proper attention by most organizations. By ensuring a robust and often updated database for customers to search on their own the company can greatly reduce costs. With the advent of online search technology and the popularity of search engines like Google, this is an easy transition and in most cases the desired support experience of the customer. GCG can help your organization both in terms of strategy and content to get the most out of your self-help applications. Don’t have a self-help application? We can make recommendations on full blown, tightly integrated Enterprise solutions or suggest smaller stand alone applications that get the job done.

What is a detailed example of a cost saving item I can implement today?

Sometimes even the most simple things can have an enormous impact on the quality of service you offer. For example, Customer Service Representative signatures should always contain links to the self-help/FAQ section of your site. Every time a CSR responds to a live request they are advertising your self-help solution where future help can be found. We have a huge arsenal of these type cost saving ideas harvested thorough out the years.

How does GCG bill for their consulting services?

We are compensated on a per hour basis + travel expenses. In addition, we offer a token system that allows the client to retain our services in advance. Volume purchases of tokens provide a discount to the client and can be applied to both physical site presence and virtual consulting services. Contact us today for details on pricing and scheduling.

Does GCG offer outsource placement for the MMO space?

GCG has fostered many relationships and built many support organizations globally. Through our network of outsourcers around the world we can offer you a fully managed and hosted model or let you do the leg work and manage the process remotely. We won’t forget about you after you are gone. We are a results driven organization and will work with you after the sale to ensure that you are getting the most out of your process and even conduct audits as secret shoppers to give you the customer perspective on your support model. GCG will tailor the program to fit your needs and budget.

What does it take to get started?

Call or message us to get started today. We offer a no charge, one hour consultation to determine whether our services are right for your business and to establish the scope of your project.

I am not in the MMO space but do have customer service / contact center needs. Do you offer consulting outside the MMO space?

Absolutely, Our sister company Customer Support Networks is built specifically for non-gaming entities. Drop us a line and let us craft a specific business model for you.

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