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Knowledge Management

Game Center Group is proud to introduce its new Knowledge Management services. From industry leading Knowledge Hosting services to custom content development, Game Center Group provides the stones to lay the path of innovative self-service. Liberate your customers from dreary navigation of unintuitive FAQs or outdated knowledge articles. Enhance the efficiency of your infrastructure by being able to spend less time answering repetitive questions and more time servicing customer needs.

Customized Services

We also offer the ability to customize our services based on the scope of your business. From an up-and-coming studio to a defined corporation, Game Center Group provides a cost-to-scale solution that can be tailored to your business model and most importantly your wallet. It is a proven fact that you can get more sleep with Game Center Group. Not only are we here to service your needs around the clock - if your Japanese website is not correctly displaying its unicode at 3am, it is our headache, not yours. If your development cycle pushes an update that redefines a major game mechanic, let us worry about updating the knowledge content and posting the top issues so you do not have to.


Our Knowledge Management team has been built from the ground up with a solid foundation of individuals who are experts in the field. We offer a wide range of technical specification writers, gaming industry oriented content localization specialists, and professional knowledge management content engineers. Regardless of which portion of your knowledge base needs a helping hand, we are here to offer ours.


On average, a traditional call center phone contact will cost you $4.00-5.00. An e-mail contact will run you $2.80 and a live chat contact averages $2.15. A typical self-service contact averages only $0.08 per contact using Game Center Group with a 85-95 percent customer satisfaction rate - think about how much you can add to your bottom line the next time you are planning your budget.

You will also save by leveraging Game Center Group's existing infrastructure. We have over 30 years of knowledge management experience, bypass all the growing pains associated with learning a new CRM, trying to make your knowledge base more efficient, or speaking to your customers in a voice that is familiar to them.

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Game Center Group Knowledge Management Services can be tailored to fit a wide variety of needs. If you do not have the infrastructure, we can host and maintain your knowledge base for you, we also can serve on a consultation basis or project management basis to administer your CRM or in-house application. Let Game Center Group handle your self-service needs so you can focus on what you do best making great games.

List of Services -

Here is just some of the ways that Game Center Group can help satisfy your self-service requirements:

Revolutionary Content Creation:

Leaning on our 30 years of knowledge creation experience, Game Center Group currently has enlisted technical writers, creative writers and subject matter experts who nest under a traditional project management foundation.

Knowledge Repository Management:

Regardless of how your content changes or grows, we can be here to water it for you. One of the best ways to ensure that you grow a successful knowledge base is to constantly improve it based on trends and customer feedback. Who ever thought that "a watched pot never boils" obviously was not in the knowledge management business.

Content Localization Services:

Unless you have the resources under your roof, it can be troublesome to find someone who can professionally localize your game-related content. Game Center Group specializes in European content localization (French, German, Spanish, Italian) with a secondary strength in Asian content localization (Japanese, Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Mandarin and Korean). Our professional translators all command a working knowledge of the gaming industry to ensure that specific lingo is properly conveyed to the region.

Turnkey CRM (Knowledge Base) Solution:

Game Center Group has built a turnkey CRM solution around an industry leading application. If your process does not have the infrastructure to purchase and maintain a best-in-class CRM solution you might consider leveraging Game Center Group's existing solution on a cost-to-scale basis.

Answer Intercept Features:

To maximize the efficiency of your self-service content and to provide a strong education to your customer, Answer Intercept Features are readily available. A pro-active answer intercept feature presents the customer with a list of relevant knowledge articles based on their question content; a reactive answer intercept feature provides a customer with relevant knowledge base articles to review after they have submitted their inquiry while they wait for a response.

Customer Satisfaction Management:

The key to having a solid knowledge base is through success in the eyes of the customer. If a client visits the knowledge base and finds the answer they are looking for on their first attempt - chances are that they will use it again rather than contacting customer support. When customer satisfaction is guaranteed a knowledge base is truly successful.

Robust Metrics and Reporting:

It is very important to define your Return on Investment when successfully managing a self-service process. Game Center Group has developed "Metrics that Matter" reports to specifically gauge all the important aspects of your self-service success along with establishing net trends to assist in predicting how the future might unfold.

Custom Website Integration/Customization (Look and Feel):

Game Center Group application hosting services provide a web-based infrastructure to ensure that your self-service website accurately replicates your product website. No more messing around with a platform team that's on a strict schedule. Game Center Group will devote as much time as required to ensuring your customer support portal is intuitive and properly integrated.

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