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Quality Assurance Testing

GCG recognizes that one of the more frustrating phases of development is Quality Assurance.

That being the case, we bring to the table an option that can obviate the headache and overhead of hiring legions of temporary and untrained agents. Hire us instead.

Test Plans:

Whether you have your own internal process or need us to develop a plan for you, we are adept at organizing and implementing those plans.

On-Demand Testing:

Game Center Group proudly announces On-demand Testing. Do you find that most of the time your testers or QA group is not busy while waiting for the next build or update to the game code? Take advantage of our On-demand testing services that let you schedule testing when you need it. The days of paying for down time are passé. Contact us today and let us put a plan together.

Functional In-Game Build testing:

Leaning on our 30 years of knowledge creation experience, Game Center Group currently staffs technical writers, creative writers and subject matter experts who nest under a traditional project management foundation. Our people are well-versed in the game industry's particular QA needs, including smoke tests, bug verification, bug submittals, load testing, stress testing, and the standard applications usually used in those processes.

Game Content Feedback:

Because of our collective experience in the industry, we have developed a very keen eye toward what works and what doesn't work in a game. We are more than happy to provide whatever level of feedback you might need.

Game Center Group offers high quality QA services at extremely competitive prices utilizing the absolute best monitoring and coaching tools in the market place today. If your organization is not taking advantage of the huge savings offered through outsourcing call us today and we can show you the best in class QA outsource program in the industry.

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