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Comparison & Savings Calculator - Save 30% or more!

To use our interactive savings calculator simply input your current headcount in the "headcount" box and then fill in what your estimated hourly cost is in the "Cost per head/hour" box. Finally, input the number of hours an average agent works monthly and we will do the rest !

The monthly and annualized savings appear below and are based on our standard rates.

A few things to keep in mind: Your savings number may be even larger because we do not take into account capital expenditures like computers, bandwidth and associated management salaries.

Head Count: Cost per Head/Hour: GCG Cost per Head/Hour: FTE Hours(**)

Your Current Scenario

Game Center Group Solution

Current Monthly Expenditures Current Monthly Expenditures
Annuallized Expenditures Annuallized Expenditures
Potential Monthly Savings(***) Annualized Savings
*  Hourly Cost are an estimate that includes salary, taxes, benifits and facility costs.
**  FTE hours arrived at by talking 2080 work hours annually/12 months.
***  Rates may vary and with certain volume commitments are reduced substantially.
So c'mon what are you waiting for? With these kind of savings and superior support every minute you wait is costing you $$.

Game Center Group proudly offers domestic based support and testing services to our clients. Don't have tools yet? Game Center Group also offers a turn-key hosted support solution that includes a knowledgebase, live chat, ticket support and all the management services required to run the service all-inclusive.

Hey don't take our word for it, Contact GCG today and we will provide you with client contacts that are taking advantage of our solution now.

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