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About Game Center Group

Game Center Group clients experience significant savings using our solution, but cost is just the first of many reasons to outsource with GCG.


You will simply not find an outsourcer that offers so much in terms of experience in the video game space. Our combined 25 years in the online gaming space goes a long way to ensuring you are in very capable hands. We care about players and their concerns and we go the extra mile to make sure your customers are handled promptly, professionally and most importantly are getting answers to their queries as expeditiously as possible. We strive to make First Contact Resolution(FCR) our highest priority which in turn increases Customer Satisfaction and improves overall Quality of Service.


Game Center Group offers a true turn-key solution that includes a robust CRM application that's built, hosted and managed by us. In addition, we provide content management services that's included in our standard rate. We won't nickel and dime you to death with upgrades and add-ons and unexpected charges. When we say "turn-key" we mean it!


Game Center Group brings our clients the best rates in the industry and has strived to keep our overhead low and we can pass the savings along to you. We are so proud of our rates that we publish them on our website in our first-ever Rate Calculator. Still don't like what you see? Contact GCG today and let us prepare a custom proposal. We promise to do everything we can to meet your demands and high standards and do it economically.


Do you go to bed worrying about your customer support off in some far off land? Don't worry anymore! Game Center Group is a domestic based provider located in sunny San Diego. Do yourself and your Human Resources staff a favor and let the pros at GCG handle everything.


Are you prepared to provide facilities, computers, bandwidth, phones, software, etc. as your business grows? With GCG scaling up is an email or phone call away.

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